Unable to Connect to Samsung Server – Solved

Unable to connect to Samsung server
Unable to Connect to Samsung Server?

Even though Samsung makes some of the best smart TVs in the business, they can still be prone to malfunctioning at times. One of the common errors that users have reported is the “Unable to connect to Samsung server” error message.

This message crops up when the Samsung smart tv cannot connect to the Samsung server because it cannot connect to the internet.

The unable to connect to Samsung server error message

This is a very common network settings error that crops up occasionally. The solution to this problem is also rather simple.

But sometimes, users get very frustrated and try other methods before trying out this simple solution.

The major reasons for this error message

Samsung server error message
Samsung server error message

There are several reasons why this error message can crop up on your TV. It could be because the internet connection was reset.

It could be because someone reset the smart hub password, and there, your Samsung smart tv is unable to connect to the Samsung server.

There could be many different reasons for the error code 198. But the main thing by and large is the same – there is an issue with the Internet connection.

Soft reset the Samsung tv

The first and the most obvious method is to do a soft reset of the Samsung tv. Simply unplug your tv from the wall socket and leave it unplugged for a minimum of 60 seconds.

At the same time, while the Samsung tv is unplugged, press and hold the power button on your tv for 30 seconds.

Make sure to patiently hold the power button down for 30 seconds and keep the tv unplugged for at least 60 seconds.

This will ensure that any residual power left in the tv is drained out. This process is known as soft resetting your tv, and it works to counter several issues with your tv.

Quick Check to establish an internet connection

You can do a quick internet connection test to establish if the internet is still up and running and if there are no issues.

Simply open your phone or computer browser and type the words fast.com. Hit enter. Does it show a page? Does it automatically start a speed test and display your Internet speed? Then there are no internet connection problems, and your internet connection is stable and working.

The Solution – Reset Network settings

Whatever the reason for the Samsung tv error code, the solution is simply resetting the wireless network access.

To do this, follow these steps –

Tap the Source button on your Samsung tv remote. Then select the Settings option. Then Select General and then Network. Finally, select Reset Network settings.

It deletes any stored wifi network name and password on your Samsung smart tv. You will have to re-enter the wifi network name and password once again.

This handy video walks you through resetting the network

This will have the effect of resetting your IP settings and refreshing your Samsung TV’s internet connection.

What if my Samsung smart TV can still not connect to the Internet?

The above simple process of resetting the wifi network details stored in your Samsung tv should take care of the “unable to connect to Samsung server” error message.

In some unlikely situations, if your Samsung tv may yet be unable to connect to the Samsung server, we may need to look at other problem areas. Also keep in mind that you can contact Samsung support, who are reportedly very helpful and efficient.

Reset Internet router

If the above steps fail to connect your Samsung tv to the Internet, the router in your home likely needs a reset.

A very simple process is to unplug the router and keep it unplugged for about 3 to 5 minutes. After that, simply plug the router back on and switch it on. Once the router is back on, your Samsung tv should be able to connect to the Internet without any issues.

Hard reset the Internet router

In some cases, even after a soft reboot of the router internet connection may not be restored. In that case, the only option left is to do a hard reset of the Internet router.

Make sure that you have the router configuration details backed up on a file or written down on a piece of paper. You will need this detail in order to reconfigure the router once it has been reset.

Router reset
Router reset

In order to do a hard reset of the Internet router press and hold the Reset button (at the back of the router) for a few seconds and then let it go.

Make sure that the router is connected to the power line and that all the lights are on when you attempt it.

You will now have to manually reconfigure the router with the details that connect it with your Internet service provider.

If you leave the same SSID name and the password after resetting, you won’t have to reconnect your devices to the router. Otherwise, you will have to reconnect every device in your household to the router.

Outdated tv firmware

One particular issue that crops up from time to time is the outdated firmware of your Samsung smart tv. Let’s say that your Samsung smart tv is running on old firmware.

In that case, your old tv firmware is likely unable to talk to the latest protocols. In that situation, updating the firmware to the latest version will solve the issue.

You will also be saved from a much more complicated process of troubleshooting.

The process of updating the firmware of smart tv

Follow these steps to update the firmware of your Samsung TV –

  1. Press the Home button on the tv remote control to navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Next select Support and then select Software Update.
  3. Ensure that Auto Update is enabled and then Select Update Now.
  4. Your Samsung tv will now look for updates on the internet and update itself.

This is provided however it can still use the internet. If the problem is somewhere else the update will fail, and you have to look at the other options.

Sign out and then sign back into your Samsung Account

Sometimes signing out of your Samsung Account and then signing back on can solve the problem of “unable to connect to Samsung server.”

Follow these steps to do this –

  1. First, navigate to the Setting option in the Menu.
  2. Next select General and then select System Manager.
  3. Now, select Samsung Account and then My Account.
  4. Select your account by highlighting it and then press Sign out.

Once you have signed out of your Samsung Account, you can then reset the Samsung hub and also do a soft reset of the TV.

Now sign back to your Samsung hub and connect your TV and reestablish the internet connection to ensure that everything is working properly.

Change the smart hub password

Changing the password of your Samsung smart hub is the next logical step to undertake.

We are in the process of eliminating the simple alternatives to doing something more major like changing the DNS server details on your Samsung tv.

We will come to that later in this discussion.

The inability to connect to the Samsung server error or error 198 can be rectified by simply resetting the smart hub.

To reset the smart hub, all you need is to follow these steps –

  1. Navigate to the Menu option by pressing the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Next select Settings, followed by Support.
  3. Next, enter Self Diagnosis, and you will find the option to Reset smart hub.
  4. The default pin code to reset is
  5. Now confirm to reset smart hub.

Once you have successfully executed the smart hub reset the problem should go away.

The problem that we are about to address is the DNS server.

What is a DNS server?

DNS servers are like post-offices. Their job is to translate the domain names into IP addresses. This way, when you type in a domain name, it gets translated into a machine-understandable form – IP address, and the content from the relevant page is served to your browser.

Precheck before you change the DNS server

Before you attempt to change the DNS server, make sure that you do the following prechecks to establish that there is nothing wrong with the DNS server in the first place.

You can use any of your other Internet-enabled devices to confirm that it can access the Internet connection and that nothing is wrong.

How to change the DNS server of your Samsung tv

To change the tv DNS settings, start by pressing the Menu button on your tv remote control.

Samsung DNS settings
Samsung DNS settings

Next select Network and then Network Status. Now your Samsung TV will start checking for the wireless network connection and then try to connect to the internet.

As there are issues with the internet connection, this process will result in the message that your tv is connected to a wireless network, but it cannot access the Internet.

Look for the IP settings option on the page. The tv’s IP settings should read something like or

If the IP settings are not the above, then you need to enter one of the above DNS numbers to ensure that your TV can access the Internet.

Once the DNS numbers are added, your TV should be able to connect back to the internet without any issues.

Incorrect IP settings – Obtain IP Automatically

Sometimes the IP settings on your tv can change either by mistake or any other action, and it gets set to obtain manually. It means every time; you have to enter the IP settings manually for your tv to work properly.

To confirm if your tv IP settings have changed to obtain manually, you can do the following check –

Press the Menu button on your tv remote control. Select Network and then select Network status and finally IP settings.

Check if the IP settings have been changed to confirm if there is an issue. Finally, switch to Obtain Automatically. This ensures that every time your Samsung tv is switched on it will look for the IP settings on its own and connect to the Internet.

Factory reset the Samsung tv

If nothing else works, try factory resetting the Samsung television. This wipes away any customization data that you have entered into your tv and also resets any network settings that you may have entered into your tv.

To do this, press the Home button on your tv remote and select Settings. Next, select General and then Reset. Some older TVs may have different steps to reach the Reset option. Please consult the manual if the above steps do not match your TV.

By default, you will be asked to enter the security PIN “0000”. Your tv will now reset to the original factory settings and then restart.

On restarting, you can now start the reconfiguration process. This solution can also fix an issue if your Samsung TV won’t turn on.


Your Samsung tv can show the error code “unable to connect to Samsung server.” There are several reasons, many of which are not native to the tv but more about the internet connection that you are using or the smart hub or the router.

Your tv may be configured correctly, but it is a problem with the Router that provides access to the Internet. In some cases, if the router is not configured correctly, your Samsung TV may be unable to connect to the Internet.

It’s a simple test by any other device to ensure that the Internet configuration is correct and is working. In other cases, it might be a simple case of resetting the password of the smart hub or the router, and the connection can be restored in no time.

In this discussion, we have covered almost all the possible reasons your Samsung TV may fail to connect to the Internet. If your Stevie is still unable to connect to the Internet after trying all of the above methods, you may have to contact your Internet service provider to figure out the issue.

Alternatively, you may have to call the Samsung service center to understand if anything else can be done. Hopefully, those two outcomes will never arise.

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