Samsung TV Volume Stuck or Not Working: Solved

Let’s say you sit down in front of your TV to watch your favorite show, you press the volume up button to control the volume, but nothing happens. The horror! Your TV volume is stuck, and you are unable to change it. Don’t worry; this is not a very difficult problem to solve. It happens … Read more

Unable to Connect to Samsung Server – Solved

Even though Samsung makes some of the best smart TVs in the business, they can still be prone to malfunctioning at times. One of the common errors that users have reported is the “Unable to connect to Samsung server” error message. This message crops up when the Samsung smart tv cannot connect to the Samsung … Read more

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On – Simple Fix

We have all gone through that numbing experience when our Samsung TV won’t turn on. Plugging the tv into a power source and switching on the remote control fails to bring the tv to life. Or sometimes it does turn on your tv, but there’s no video. Then, at times, you could see or hear … Read more