Samsung TV Volume Stuck or Not Working: Solved

Samsung tv volume stuck
Samsung TV volume stuck

Let’s say you sit down in front of your TV to watch your favorite show, you press the volume up button to control the volume, but nothing happens. The horror! Your TV volume is stuck, and you are unable to change it. Don’t worry; this is not a very difficult problem to solve. It happens all the time, and it is very simple to resolve. Today we are going to look at the many reasons why this happens and how to solve the problem of Samsung TV volume getting stuck.

Why is my Samsung TV volume stuck?

Having used and troubleshooted many Samsung tvs over the years, we can safely attribute the reasons for your Samsung tv volume not working properly to the following factors –

Old Firmware

Likely, your Samsung tv firmware hasn’t been updated in a while. This is one of the primary reasons your Samsung tv volume is stuck.

Updating the firmware of your tv is a good option here and may result in a quick resolution of the stuck volume to be resolved.

Third-party apps hogging memory

Third-party applications are a reason why your tv memory gets clogged. That can result in the sound settings getting stuck.

Deleting some unused apps from your Samsung tv, especially third-party apps, can resolve the problem.

An issue with corrupted firmware

At times your tv firmware can get completely corrupted. That means no matter what you try, a corrupted firmware will be unresponsive and create an issue of the tv volume getting stuck.

Issue with the remote

Many times there is a genuine issue with the tv remote.

Preliminary checks

Before you start the major troubleshooting activities, it is prudent to check that the problem is not the remote itself. Your tv remote is the primary tool to change tv volume, and as the case is, it goes through a lot of use.

Tweak the audio volume

Check to confirm that your audio volume is not set at zero. I know this is kind of silly, but sometimes it is better to check the obvious things first.

Check if the batteries have juice in them

Make it a point to check the batteries in your TV remote to confirm that they still have enough juice. Use a fresh pair of AA batteries and check if the remote now operates without any issues.

Check if the IR on your tv remote is working properly

If your Samsung tv remote is an IR type, you can check if it’s transmitting the IR signals properly or not.

Pro tip – How to identify an IR remote? A remote with a small LED light at the front is an IR remote.

Anyways, there is an easy process to check whether the IR is working.

Samsung Remote IR Sensor
Samsung Remote IR Sensor

Switch on the camera app on your smartphone.

(If your tv remote can function in both IR mode and Radiofrequency mode, switch it to IR mode.)

Hold your Samsung tv remote close to the camera.

Press any combination of buttons on your tv remote.

Do you see the LED light on your tv remote flashing as you press the buttons? If yes, then the IR function of your remote is working. If not, then there is a problem with your remote control.

Some other Samsung issues solved:

Test the Hardware Volume Buttons on your Samsung TV

Most TVs have buttons on their body that lets you do the basic functions such as changing channels, controlling the audio, and switching on and off the tv.

They could be located on the side of the tv or any other easy-to-access spot. Try to control the volume using the buttons on your tv. Does it work? Yes? Try to control the other functions like changing the channels. Do they work as well? Then there is an issue with your tv remote.

Check for other devices controlling audio

Is your tv being used as an output device, and another device is controlling the audio? If your TV feeds the audio to another device while simply working as a display device, then the audio should be controlled by the remote that came with that other device.

If you have been using your tv remote to do volume control on your tv, all this while, it was just wasted effort. You cannot control the audio unless you have the remote of that other device.

If there is an issue with the remote of that other device, you may have to do a troubleshoot of that other device. You may have to do a soft reset or change the batteries on the remote to ensure that the problem has gone.

Check the power cables, especially the HDMI cables

The power cables of your tv, especially the HDMI cables, are susceptible to getting damaged over the years. If you have been using the same old cables for years, and they have seen some wear and tear over this time it is likely there is an issue. Sometimes the wear and tear can happen because the cables get plugged in and plugged out often. Especially the HDMI cable.

Samsung TV HDMI
Check your HDMI cable

Check out if the connectors of these cables have been worn out or look for signs of the cable having damage.

Sometimes the end of the connectors and especially the ports can get dust accumulated on them. That can cause an issue.

To clean them all you need is a Q-tip and some cleaning agent. The best option is isopropyl alcohol. Avoid any water based solution or any item that is not designed for cleaning an electronic product.

Gently use the Q-tip to wipe clean the dust collected on these ports. For stubborn dust particles dip the Q-tip in the isopropyl alcohol and then wipe the inside of the connectors and the ports.

How to reset the smart hub of your Samsung TV

Samsung smart hub is a customizable app store for your Samsung tv, and it hardly takes 30 seconds to do a support self-diagnosis reset.

However, keep in mind that resetting the smart hub will wipe out all information from your account and will return the smart hub to its original factory settings. This means you will require to sign back to some of the applications.

If the volume control of your Samsung tv is stuck and you are unable to control it, you need to factory reset the smart hub of your Samsung tv. Here’s how to do it:

Click on Settings on your remote control.

Next, scroll down to Support, Self-diagnosis, and Reset Smart hub.

Enter the default pin of your tv, which is “0000”. Click on it, and your Samsung tv volume should be working again.

Deleting unused apps – Samsung TV Volume Not Working

If you have several unused apps installed on your Samsung tv, it could also result in the issue of tv volume being stuck. To reset sound, you must delete some unused apps on your tv, hogging up memory space.

Samsung smart TVs get automatic updates when they are connected to the internet. Several apps may get downloaded and installed and or updated without your knowledge.

Samsung TV Apps
Samsung TV Apps

To delete these apps you no longer require and to free up memory space, follow these steps –

Click on the Apps menu on your Samsung tv. This is usually located at the bottom left of the screen.

Now you should be able to see all the apps on your tv. Some apps may have been factory installed, and others may have been installed on demand from the internet.

Check each app one by one and uninstall the ones that you don’t require.

Avoid using a third-party remote control

Third-party remote controls such as Xfinity, DirectTV, etc. sometimes causes an issue with the sound settings. The problem can happen because the signal from the generic remote control interferes with the signal from the Samsung tv remote control. Try and avoid using these generic remotes if you can.

Power cycle your Samsung tv

Soft resetting your Samsung TV is a good idea when everything else fails to get the sound settings issue fixed. The soft setting is a sure-fire way to solve many issues with your Samsung tv, as we have seen before.

To soft reset your Samsung tv, follow these steps –

Unplug your Samsung tv from the wall outlet and wait for about 30 seconds. Next, hold the power button on your tv for at least 10 seconds. This should drain whatever residual power remains in your tv and do a soft reset of your tv.

Finally, plug the tv back into the wall socket and turn it on.

Run a Sound Diagnostic Test

The usual process to run a sound diagnostic test is when you have done a system update. But you can do it anyways as it hardly takes a minute or so to run it.

To run a sound test, first open the Settings menu on your tv.

Next go to Support and then to Self diagnosis.

Finally select Start Sound Test to begin the audio test.

If the system finds any issues with your tv volume it will try to correct the issue. Have patience and wait for the diagnosis to complete.

Check for Software Updates on your Samsung TV

Is your Samsung tv missing any software update? Missing software updates can be a possible reason for the tv volume stuck issue. Check for software updates and get them installed.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck – How to Reset the Volume

The final throw of the dice is to do a factory reset of your Samsung tv. But before you do that there is one more thing that you can try and that is to a do a reset of the volume of your Samsung tv.

If you are facing this issue of stuck Samsung tv volume, you may want to try and do a reset of your tv sound. This will prevent you from resetting the whole tv for the sake of only one issue.

To reset the sound follow these steps –

Open the Settings menu on the sound panel.

Next choose the Sound option and then select Expert Settings.

Next choose the Reset sound option.

Finally select the Reset button in order to start the process of resetting the volume.

At this stage, you can try to change the audio volume in order to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

In the worst case if the problem still persists, you may have to perform a factory resetting of your Samsung tv.

Factory Reset your Samsung TV

If even a soft resetting and a volume reset does not solve the sound setting issue, you may have to do a factory reset of your Samsung tv.

Before you go ahead and follow the steps I am about to list here, keep this in mind: hard resetting your Samsung TV is not the same as soft resetting it. You are about to wipe out all settings and all customizations that you may have done on your tv and return it to the original state in which it was sent from the factory.

Okay, now the steps –

Go to the Settings menu on your tv.

Next, go to Support. On some Samsung TV models, it could be General.

Choose Self Diagnosis and then select Reset. Your Samsung TV should now do a hard reset.

Contacting Samsung Customer Support

When you have tried everything else and exhausted all your options, the final option is to contact Samsung remote support. Call the support number 1-800-726-7864 (Between 8 AM- 12 AM EST 7 days a week) and ask for remote support.

Remote support is where a trained Samsung support technician will access your tv remotely and check for any issues. You will be required to share a support PIN with the technician. To generate your PIN, follow these simple steps –

Go to the menu on your Samsung TV and then navigate to the Support section.

Next, select Remote Management. There will be a service agreement that you need to confirm you agree to.

Write down the PIN when it appears and convey it to the Support agency when asked.

Your TV will now be remotely accessed by the Support agent and checked for any issues.

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