Samsung TV remote not working – blinking red light

Samsung tv remote not working
Samsung tv remote not working?

With your Samsung TV remote not working, you may find that you are getting a blinking red light. It’s possible that your remote might be out of range of your TV. It could also be an issue with the battery of your Samsung tv remote. If the battery is dead or low on power, you will get a blinking red light on your TV. More likely it is a more complicated issue – a blinking red light could indicate an issue with the IR sensor, the pairing of the remote to the TV, or you may need to ‘power cycle’ the remote.

In this discussion, we shall look at several reasons why a Samsung remote may not work. Whether it is weak or dead batteries or a different matter with the remote control, you’ll be able to figure out ways to work around the problem and get your Samsung TV remote to work again.

Samsung tv remote not working – blinking red light

Let’s say that after a hard day at the office, you decide to unwind in front of your TV, watching your favorite shows or catching your favorite sporting action.

But as it turns out, your TV has a technical issue because it refuses to turn on. As someone with no idea of the technology behind your TV set, it is always a technical glitch and nothing more than that.

Whether you believe it or not, the flashing red light on your TV remote is not a severe problem. In most cases, it is something to do with the remote control of your Samsung TV, and even then, the problem could be as simple as a dead battery inside the tv remote.

Samsung smart tv remote too far from the TV

If you observe your Samsung remote blinking red light, there is a high chance that the TV is too far from the remote control.

Taking the tv remote closer to your Samsung TV can solve the problem. This is the simplest of all tricks to ensure that the remote can properly communicate with the Samsung TV.

Make sure the Samsung tv remote is close to your tv with no obstructions

Another thing when you find your Samsung tv remote not working that you can check is that there are no obstructions between your TV and the tv remote.

In any case, there should not be a distance over 10 meters or 30 feet (approximately) between your Samsung tv and your tv remote.

If there is a distance of more than 30 feet, the two will not connect, and as a result, your tv remote will blink red light.

Coming back to obstructions, some Samsung tv remotes are designed to be point-anywhere and work. If your tv remote is not such a remote, then you cannot afford to have anything between the remote control and the IR tv sensor.

Sometimes we are guilty of placing a sound bar or any other item right in front of the tv. That may block the line of sight between the tv remote and the IR sensor on the TV.

How to clean the IR sensor?

Ensure that the tv is directly in the line of sight from the tv remote. Ensure that the tv remote is no more than a few feet away from the tv. Make sure there is nothing in between (no soundbars, curios, books, etc.). Press the remote power button to confirm if the problem persists.

Samsung TV remote IR sensor
Samsung TV remote IR sensor

To clean the remote, use a soft cloth (you can take a microfiber cloth that leaves no residue after cleaning). Gently clean the remote sensor and also the tv receiver.

Retry the remote control by pressing the power button and other buttons.

Pro tip – Don’t use any liquid cleaner or other cleaners to ensure that the IR sensor and the TV receiver are not damaged.

Check the Samsung Tv remote for buttons


Also, check to confirm that none of the remote control buttons are depressed. If any of the buttons of the tv remote are depressed, it could result in a malfunction.

This is a classic case when a remote control button gets depressed due to overuse and refuses to come up. Stuck buttons are a major reason a tv remote may show up blinking red light.

To check if any buttons, including the power button, are working fine, rapidly press them one after the other.

During this process, if any of the buttons are not working properly, you will notice them malfunctioning. Such as they will get depressed and won’t come up or come up slowly.

How to clean your tv remote control

Alternatively, you could also clean the tv remote to ensure that none of the buttons have dirt or dust.

You will be surprised to know how dirty things like a tv remote can get over some time.

You only need a Q-tip and cleaning liquid to clean your Samsung tv remote. The best solution would be to use rubbing alcohol because it leaves no residues and dries up quickly.

Dip the Q-tip in the cleaning solution and gently clean the gaps around the buttons.

Make sure that the liquid does not touch the IR sensor.

Check if the TV remote is properly paired with your tv

Also, ensure that the tv is properly paired with the remote. If not, you should redo the pairing process and ensure that the two units are ‘talking’ to each other.

One way to tell if the remote and the tv have a pairing issue is that the red blinking light will flash rapidly.

Process to re pair your Samsung tv remote

Follow these simple steps to re-pair your Samsung tv:

  • Make sure that your Samsung tv is powered on.
  • Point the Samsung tv remote towards the IR sensor of your tv from a distance of about one to two feet.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the Return Button (Backward looping arrow button) and the Play/Pause button (which looks like the Enter button on your laptop keyboard).
  • Now, you can see the pairing signal on your Samsung tv screen.
  • Your TV should show a screen battery icon. Once that comes up, you can let go of the buttons you had pressed down.

Re-check with fresh batteries

If there are no obstructions between your TV and the TV remote, confirm that the remote batteries are fresh and working.

Sometimes prolonged use of the remote control can lead to its drainage of power. In other situations, if you have been holding any button down for an extended period, that can also lead to the remote’s drainage of power.

At times rusty battery contacts can also lead to a drainage of power. Rusty battery contacts mean the battery does not get proper contact inside the battery compartment.

A simple tip to check if the remote control is in working condition is to insert fresh aa batteries. Your remote will require two aa batteries to operate.

Insert two fresh batteries and see if the remote can connect with the Samsung tv.

The process of replacing the AA batteries of your Samsung tv remote

Here are the simple steps to replace AA batteries:

  • Turn the tv remote back and locate the downward pointing arrow.
  • Push the battery compartment cover in the direction pointed by the arrow.
  • Remove the batteries from the battery compartment by gently prying them. Ensure that the two springs inside the battery compartment (towards the negative side) are not damaged.
  • Replace the old batteries with a set of new batteries.
  • Close the battery compartment cover.
  • Repeat the pairing process as mentioned above.

How to clean rusty battery contacts

Rusty battery contacts can lead to a problem of the Samsung tv remote not working and a blinking red light.

To make sure that there are no rusty battery contacts inside the battery compartment, make sure that you check the contacts after you have taken the old batteries out and before you insert the fresh batteries in.

Cleaning rusty battery contacts
Clean rusty battery contacts with a cotton swab

If the contacts are rusty, take some vinegar and, using a Q-tip or cotton swab, gently wipe on the rust. Apply a layer so that the whole of the corrosion is covered. You can also use lemon juice if you don’t have vinegar ready at home.

Using the Q-tip, gently rub the corroded layer, so it peels off.

Once the corroded layer has peeled off, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe the electrical contacts.

Insert the fresh batteries inside the battery compartment, and in case necessary, do a soft reset, re pair your remote with the tv and start using it again.

Power cycle your tv remote

If you have tried everything else there is to try, and still you have the problem of your Samsung tv remote not working, there is one last thing to do before you throw away your remote and get a new one; – power cycle your remote.

What is power cycle?

Power cycling is the process of soft resetting your Samsung tv remote to ensure that its memory is wiped clean and give it a fresh start.

To do a soft reset/power cycle on your tv remote, follow these steps:

  • First, slide open the battery compartment of your Samsung tv remote and pry out the batteries.
  • Once the batteries are out, press and hold the power button on the remote for about 20 seconds. This will drain out any residual power on the tv remote.
  • Re-insert the batteries into the tv remote.
  • If it is necessary to re-pair the remote with your tv, go ahead and do it.

Check for physical damage to the tv remote

Check if the tv remote is in working condition and there is no physical damage. A device can accidentally get damaged due to a fall on a hard surface.

Also, check if the IR sensor is working and there is no blinking red light flashing even after changing the batteries with a fresh pair.

How many times does the tv remote flash red light? If the tv remote flashes red light five times, it could mean a damage to the power board of the remote.

A trained technician can repair minor issues. You can complain to Samsung customer support and get your device checked by a trained hand.

If the issue is more complicated, you may have to get a replacement Samsung remote control.

Get a Replacement remote control for your Samsung tv

A replacement Samsung remote control may be necessary if the original remote control is not in working condition or any of the buttons are damaged, or the IR sensor at the front of the remote is damaged.

The Samsung SmartThings app

The Samsung SmartThings app is a great little tool to operate your Samsung tv, until you get a replacement remote control.

Let’s say that your smart TV cannot connect to the remote (or the other way round), and the tv remote is blinking red very fast. There is a connection issue with the remote, and you cannot enjoy your favorite shows.

Samsung TV SmartThings App
Control your Samsung TV with the SmartThings App

Changing the remote control will take time, as will any repair attempts. So, how can you continue to enjoy your favorite shows until such a time?

The simple technique is to download and use the Samsung SmartThings app.

This is the process for downloading and using the app:

  • Download the app from the Google Play store or App store and install it on your phone.
  • Connect your phone and your Samsung tv to the same wifi network.
  • On the upper right corner of the app, you can see a plus sign. Tap that to add a device.
  • Make sure you can find your Samsung tv in the list and tap to add that.

Now, use the SmartThings app to control your Samsung tv and connect to the Samsung server.


When you find your Samsung tv remote not working, it may be due to a malfunction, and a blinking red light could flash for several reasons. Chances are that the remote has a simple problem of a dead battery, and simply changing the aa batteries can solve the problem. In a rare situation, the problem could be something else. In even rarer cases, there could be physical damage, and it may require the assistance of a trained technician who can take care of the problem. If nothing else solves it and even a trained technician cannot correct the issue, you may have to go for a replacement remote control.

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